Rodney House Special School

Rodney House Special School

currentlThe Curriculum- Key Stage One and Two 


At Rodney House emphasis is placed on developing key skills in the areas of Communication and Language, PSED and Physical Development. 


In Key Stage One and Two we deliver a curriculum that best meets the needs of the children in that class. This is built from the National Curriculum, Development Matters and a child's individual EHCP outcomes. 

The EYFS approach of learning through play, consolidation and following the child's lead, continues into Key Stage One and beyond. 


In 2019/2020 we are developing and reviewing our long term and medium term plans. 


 Long Term Curriculum plans 


  currently under review  


Medium term planning 

 We tailor activities to meet the development needs of the child

Each half term a topic is explored with the majority of lessons cross-curricular sessions that promote the development of communication and PSED skills. 


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Rodney House Curriculum Delivery 

Learning is delivered through a theme. Repetition of activities throughout the year ensures children have the opportunity to consolidate and develop their skills. At all levels children are encouraged to be independent learners.

All curriculum areas are covered inside and outdoors click here to learn more about our Eco learning activities

Learning outside the classroom allows children to develop and apply independence and life skills. We regularly take trips into the local community such as visiting the supermarket with a shopping list (Literacy) or to practice walking independently on a visit to the park (Physical/PSED).

Parents and carers are always welcome to join our educational visits. To provide first hand experiences, classes will often conduct an educational visit linked to provide a real experience of the topic being explored in the classroom. This practical experience supports children's understanding of their topic. For example a visit to a garden centre may take place to support learning about growing and spring.

 To find out more about our school curriculum please speak to your class teacher - topic booklets that detail the learning that will take place this half term are available on each class web page.