Rodney House Special School

Rodney House Special School

Below are a range of stories that can be shared with your child in the event that they are required to isolate. We recommend you choose a story for the week. If you would like further advice ring school a member of staff will be able to guide you further. 

Monkey Puzzle

The Gingerbread Man


Watch Sarah Read the story in the video below and have a go at doing some Gingerbread Man activities which you can find below the video. 

Shark in the park 

Watch Sarah reading the story in the video below. 

There is also a link below to a  video where you can watch the read along story. 

Dear Zoo

Below there are 2 videos; the first is Demi explaining how we can turn Dear Zoo into a sensory story at home and the second is Demi reading the story as we would in school. There is also some work and activities underneath the videos to do at home.

The very Hungry Caterpillar

Watch Amy read the story below and have a go at some of the home activities found below the video.

Activities include; story sequencing, Sensory ideas, and writing skills.


Peppa pig's birthday.

Below is a video of Jane reading the story and some activities you can try at home, such as making your own birthday card, playing pass the parcel, and a birthday sensory tray.

 The Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen which has been read by Amy below.

Under the video is a 19 page activity booklet which has a range of fun activities linked to the story which we would do ourselves in school. They involve sensory play, exploration and craft with plenty of communication opportunities!

We're Going on a Bear Hunt 

Goldilocks and the three bears 


 Share the story by watching the video or reading the powerpoint and have a go at the suggested activities. 

   Fork Bear

Make your own bear pictures at home. You will need some paint, a fork, paper and some pens.

Dip the fork in the paint, and use it to make marks on the paper. Show your child how to do this and then let them have a go.

Leave the paint to dry and then draw a face on your bear.

Skills this works on:

Art: Making marks on paper

         Using less conventional tools to make marks.

         Creating own interpretation of a bear.

Understanding the World:

labelling the parts of a face.

        Comparing bears and humans.

Communication: Naming the parts of the bear.

 Sensory Play with Oats

Use a tray or bowl to let your child explore the oats, give them some equipment to explore with (spoon and cups). Fist explore the oats dry and then add some water and explore the wet oats.

Skills this works on:

Communication: Expressing likes and dislikes

Sensory: Exploring textures

Physical: Using different utensils.

              Sprinkling the oats

             Dolloping the porridge.