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Rodney House

Specialist Support School and Outreach Service

Welcome to Hippo Class

Home Learning - Autumn Term

Perfect Pet Cooking Activity

Attention to Autism

Story time with Emily

The Perfect Pet


To label the fox and the hen on the worksheets below you can cut out the word labels and stick them on in the right places if you find writing a bit too tricky!

Welcome to Emily our new Hippo Class teacher


Home Learning - Spring 2 & Summer Term 2020

06/07/20 - This week the topic is 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'

Below is the story in a film to watch together with associated activities.


Counting, Addition and Sequences & Patterns


Recall, Phonics and Letter Formation

Literacy - Phonics

Click the image below to learn and practice the Phase 2 sounds 'i, n, m and d'.

Watch how they are formed too!


Click the image below to colour in your own caterpillar on your computer or tablet.

Interactive Ordering and Sequencing Game

Click the image below to go and play!

29/06/20 - This week the topic is 'Commotion in the Ocean'

Below is the story and a range of activities to try at home.


Counting and Addition

Interactive Counting Game

Click the image below to go and play!

Literacy - Phonics

Click the image below to learn and practice the Phase 2 sounds 's, a, t and p'.

Watch how they are formed too!


Rhyme and Pencil Control


 Have a go at making a sensory bottle with an 'under the sea' theme following the instructions below! 

17/06/20 - This week the topic is 'Pete the Cat'

Below is the story, a dance to learn at home and some associated activities!

Pete the Cat and His Brand New White Shoes Story

Pete the Cat and the Cool Cat Boogie

Can you match the colour of Pete's shoes with what he stepped in?

Can you design your own shoe for Pete?

Can you colour in the shoes selecting the correct colour?

Can you find things at home that match the colours of Pete's shoes?

01/06/20 - This week the topic is 'The Rainbow Fish'

Below is the story read aloud and underneath that is the animated film of the story. The Rainbow Fish is a story focused on friendship and sharing which is excellent to support children in the area of PSED.

Under the videos are four activities with a focus on Literacy, Maths, Science and Understanding the World.



Can you label the parts of the Rainbow Fish?

You can then colour your own rainbow fish choosing different colours for the scales.

Have a go at a colour hunt finding items for each colour around your house!

This is a great science experiment - watch as the water causes the colours to rise up the tissue to make a rainbow!

Can you count how many of each different colour scales there are?

18/05/20 - This week the topic is 'The Gingerbread Man'

Underneath the video of the story are 2 examples of maths activities we would do following on from the story. A character counting activity checking children's understanding of number and motor skills to write and a size activity which focuses on the word 'same' while still including the size terms of 'big, small and medium'

Under these are Colourful Semantics resources which we would also use in class which are related to the story and work on our literacy and communication skills giving children the opportunity to create their own sentences about characters from the story or to help them retell the story. They can be as sensible or silly as you want, it's there to develop language and encourage writing too if they can copy out their sentence.

Choose one word from each colour to make your sentence.

Jamie's sentence is "The gingerbread man jumped out of the oven in the kitchen."

Maths - Number

Can the Hippos count how many of the characters are on each row?

Could we practice writing our numbers down?

Maths - Shape, Space and Measure

Can the Hippos find the one that is the same size as the circled one on each row?

A little hint could be "Find the same, it's the biggest one!"

Colourful Semantics - Literacy - Reading and Writing

Greedy Cat's Breakfast with Jamie

11/05/20 - This week, watch 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea'!

Underneath the videos are activities and a communication mat which we would also use in class which are related to the story and work on our literacy, communication, play skills as well as our understanding of the world.

Interactive Learning

Have a go at dressing Lecky for the weather

Stay safe on the internet! Please supervise your child if using YouTube.


Dough Disco - You'll need some dough or a ball of blue tac! Watch Shonnette and join in with the moves! Then as you've warmed your fingers up practice making marks or writing using a pen and paper. 

Dough Disco click here


Our topic this term is stories by Julia Donaldson! Please watch this story to share the story. 

Click here to watch The Smartest Giant in Town


Dance - Stand up and see if you can copy this dance! 

Click here to watch Go Noodle!

Phonics Play has lots of games to explore - Jamie's favourite is 'Tricky Trucks' 

 Click on the frog be directed to the website. 

TopMarks is Hippos' favourite place to play Maths games - some of the class favourites during ICT choosing time include 'The Gingerbread Man' and 'Caterpillar Ordering'.

Click the logo below to go and play!


Topic Booklet


Key People



We really love The Gruffalo in Hippo Class, share the visual supported story below and have a go at making 'Gruffalo Paws' following the instructions!