Rodney House Specialist Support School

Rodney House Specialist Support School


 When starting at Rodney House a baseline assessment through observation,  interaction and teacher assessment takes place. This is completed within the first 6 weeks. Parent's  input is an important aspect of this assessment. 

Each child has a personalised Individual education plan set termly. These are targets that draw from the child's Education Health and Care plan, often breaking down a broader target. 

Internal assessment 

The profile of our learners is that progress is not always linear and unique patterns of learning and progress can be observed. Therefore a 'basket approach' to assessment is in place, drawing on a wide range of sources to identify skills and achievements in order to plan next steps.  We have found this methodology ensures we do not miss progress as we are able to assess on an individual basis. 

Assessment methods include: 

Pen portrait 


Learning Record

Parent Observations 

B Squared assessment tool. 

External assessment 

 Pre Key Stage Standard




Pupil outcomes report - 2022