Rodney House Specialist Support School

Rodney House Specialist Support School


In October 2018 the Rodney House School Council was set up. The school council is here to give all our children a voice and to give ideas on how they would like their school to be the best it can be. At the start of each school year we hold an election, a pupil from each class is voted onto the school council. 

The council meet throughout the year to discuss any events we are organising  and fundraising opportunities that are coming up.  At the front of school we have a suggestions box so that pupils can put forward ideas that they would like the council to discuss. 


The School Council have been investigating if children like to play outside in the rain.

The school council helped to spread the word - Every child has the right to be healthy - Article 24

The children in the school council have been helping to to keep their friends at school healthy and safe during the Covid pandemic.

The Tiger class school councillor made an information leaflet to help people understand the importance of handwashing.

Year 19/20

In tiger class pupils presented their reasons to be elected to their classmates. Working on their speaking, listening and presenting skills. Voting then took place with the children learning about the process of an election.



The school council met and decided on the theme for World Book day 'Dear Zoo' this was enjoyed by their peers. We had a special assembly and learn a new song. 



The school council working to help our children with their rights of:

  • Empowerment and ability to make a change
  • Developing confidence and assertiveness
  • Taking responsibility
  • Making their voice heard
  • Learning about democracy

Article 12:

You have the right to give your opinion, and for adults to listen and take it seriously.

Year 20/21

The school council have voted. Most Councillors  thought the best way to play safely and happily outside in the rain was to build a shelter!

The school council have spoken and a new shelter will be built outside!

Bear class took the school council’s advice and washed their hands. They made it fun by adding water gloves so we washed our hands and the water hands too!