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Rodney House Special School

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Home learning 

Below you will find videos and worksheets of activities you can try at home, relating to our topics and curriculum throughout the year.


Focus Activities

Making gloop with Sam

Ocean Sensory Bag


Click to download worksheets...


Massage Story

Massage is a relaxing way to give sensory input and encourage children to connect with their own bodies. 

Below you will find a link to our massage story 'A Day at the Beach' along with some instructions for you to follow. We recommend playing some calm music or the sound of ocean waves during the session.



There are lots of videos available online designed to help us feel relaxed. These are some of our favourites.




Literacy - Story Time

Alongside our sensory story, we also enjoy watching videos and listening to story songs during playtime.



Tacpac is a sensory communication session. An adult works with a child to give tactile input using a range of objects, to set pieces of music. This is a very relaxing session, which helps build sensory awareness and communication skills.

If you would like to access Tacpac at home, please watch the video below, which explains how you can deliver it.


Attention Time

Attention Time with Katie - Part 1

Attention Time with Katie - Part 2




Here are a few of the videos we enjoy dancing to in class...



Sing and Sign Assembly