Rodney House Specialist Support School

Rodney House Specialist Support School

Watch Your Bean Grow 

Go For a Walk

Build a Tower 

Finger Painting 

Car Wash Activity 

Going on a Picnic 

Going on a Picnic 


Winter Sensory Bottle

No Cook Playdough Recipe

Joint Attention 

Welcome to Elephant Class Home learning Page 


Elephant class making bird seed holders for the summer birds! 


Let's wake up our senses! Follow the guidance below.

Massage Story

Household Instruments 

Making Choices 

Intensive Interaction 

Brushing Teeth

Massage Story

Physical Movement Sessions


Here is the video for TacPac. You will need a spatula, fan, little mop (or something soft), scourer, massage oil or moisturiser.

Number and Topic Songs

Sign Language

Motor skills